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Application Specifics
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Application Guidelines & Requirements


The Northwestern University Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health (BIRCWH) Career Development in Women’s Health (CDWH) Program provides support for early career faculty to develop independent investigative careers in research related to the science of sex differences and to women’s health.  We will accept applications from early career faculty members.  Faculty members who are being recruited to Northwestern can also apply for this award.  Both men and women are welcome to apply. 

Application Requirements

The application period for 2014 is now closed.  Our next solicitation for applications will be in early 2015 for appointments beginning in summer 2015.  Applicants to the NU BIRCWH Program are asked to submit the following items:

1) NU BIRCWH Applicant Data Form

2)    NIH format Biographical Sketch (available at http://grants.nih.gov/grants/funding/phs398/phs398.html)

3)   Career development plan: Three (3) page maximum.  This document should be a detailed outline of the Scholar’s plan to become an independent investigator.  The interactions with Mentors should be described in detail.  The plan should also include course work, seminars, scientific meetings and other planned career development activities.

4) Research Plan: Five (5) page maximum description of the candidate’s proposed research that includes Specific Aims, Background and Experimental Design.  Literature cited is not included in this page limit.

5)    Budget and budget justification for first year of award.  Use PHS 398 Form Page 4 for budget (available at http://grants.nih.gov/grants/funding/phs398/phs398.html)

6)    A letter of commitment and support from all Mentors outlining their mentoring plan and role in the applicant’s project.  The Mentors should also commit to ensuring that the Scholar will meet all program expectations and benchmarks.

7)   A letter of commitment from the Department Chair outlining the support for the applicant’s plans to become an independent investigator.  The Chair’s letter must also commit to give the Scholar at least 75% protected time for research and career development activities and to cover salary and supplies not covered by the BIRCWH award.

Submission of Materials

Please submit all application materials electronically in PDF format by the indicated deadline to:

Phone: (312) 503-2902

The application period for 2014 appointments has ended.  Our next RFA will be issued in early 2015.


Building Interdisciplinary Careers in Women's Health
303 East Chicago Avenue, Tarry 15-751
Chicago, IL 60611
312-908-3870 fax
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